14 May, 2021

About me

I’m a UX Designer with a background in journalism, content creation, and communication strategy. Creating different pieces of content, planning communication strategies, and analyzing data have been part of my job. As well as working in interdisciplinary teams, which taught the importance of active listening and understanding both companies’ and users’ needs. That’s why turning into UX came naturally to me. I’m open, curious, and can easily empathize with people.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now I’m based in Berlin, Germany (which I love because, despite its cold weather during the winter, it’s a very nice and intercultural city surrounded by nature!).

I am very interested in education. As a student, I have taken advantage of the last few months to take different courses on topics that I am passionate about, such as psychology. As a teacher, I worked as a professor for 2 years at the Universidad Nacional de La Matanza (Buenos Aires), where I taught academic writing. In Berlin, I have taught Spanish as a foreign language. For me, teaching Spanish was not just teaching a language but a way of connecting with people through my culture and also generating connections between students.

Currently, I’m working on improving my UI and coding skills.