CareerFoundry review: my experience studying UX Design

Looking for a CareerFoundry review? Then, keep reading! After looking for different UX courses, I decided to apply to and learn at CareerFoundry.

When searching for options, I realized that the topics covered by the institutions were almost the same, so my decision was made based on the dual mentorship program and because they offer an extra course called “job preparation course”, which helps you to reorganize your career path.

dual mentorship program

CareerFoundry review: I will summarize here the things that I liked and the things I didn’t like.

Things I liked:

  • Simple email communication: The first impression when I started was pretty good. A few introductory emails to get started. When a Task was approved or needed revision, I received an email. And when a mentor accepted a call I booked.
  • Nice and clear platform: you can access an introduction and optional course to learn how to use the platform. When learning, you can see how many tasks you need to send per week to keep on track and also the number of tasks approved, and the weeks left to complete the course.

Career Foundry program dashboard

  • Private calls with a mentor: you can book calls with your mentor and talk about whatever you want: portfolio, tasks, industry, ask for advice, etc.
  • Well-organized program by achievements and tasks: the UX course has 6 Achievements and each one has different tasks. For each task, you have a lesson (with an estimated read time and learning goals), sometimes also a video, and several links to expand the reading.

learning goals

For the tasks that need the participation of users, you can see it in advance and it’s very useful to calculate the time you need to do it and finish it.

input from other participants
You can also listen to the lesson and “enter Focus Mode” to focus on the lesson and task.

listen to this exercise

  • Practice and more practice: from the very beginning, you have to choose a project to work on and every task consists of the process of doing it. There is a Rubric to understand the criteria for your tutor/mentor to approve a task or to ask you for a revision.
    At the end of every achievement, you curate a series of portfolio deliverables. To practice even more, you also answer a few potential interview questions.
  • Slack platform: when you start the course, you can access the CF community with different and useful channels. “task help”, “portfolio”, “study buddy” are some examples. An excellent way to connect with a big community of students, mentors, tutors, and designers.

Things I disliked:

  • Examples: for some tasks, I felt the examples provided were not enough. Some topics are a bit abstract and I needed more models and samples to catch them better. What I did was looking online for more examples or asking my tutor or students.
  • Tasks guidelines: sometimes they were confusing and not consistent. But it’s something you can easily solve by asking your tutor or students.
  • Private message center: they changed the platform during my UX course and I think it was better before. I think the previous design was more accessible and easy to find.
  • Tools for the UX process: some well-known tools are not mentioned during the course, for example, Figma. Some tutorials included in the lessons are not updated. I know, interfaces change quite often but some of the videos and images have a few years.

As you can see, in this CareerFoundry review, the positive aspects are more than the negatives ones. I had a very nice experience at CF, very happy with the tour and mentor I had and with the first steps that took me into the UX world (they offer a free week course, a great opportunity to see first hand if the course and subjet are for you!). It was a very complete introduction and immersion. Now I will continue my one way!

So if you have any course to recommend or book or want to share a different CareerFoundry review, leave me a comment 🙂

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