14 May, 2021

What I do

Creating different pieces of content, planning communication strategies, and analyzing data have been part of my job. I’ve always had a passion for technology and thanks to working with interdisciplinary teams, I’ve learned the importance of active listening and understanding both companies’ and users’ needs. For this reason, after a few years in these fields, it felt natural to move into UX. I’m open, curious, and can easily empathize with people, that’s why my favorite part of the work is interacting with people. 

I love problems because I love thinking about possible solutions. I love changes because changes mean learning, trying, failing, and overcoming.

UX Skills

  • User Research  
  • User flows and Personas
  • User testing 
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • UX Writing 
  • Basic Front End Coding


  • Content creation 
  • Content edition 
  • Collaboration with clients to improve or plan communications strategies

I usually use tools like:

  • Figma, InVision, Canva, Miro, Marvel, Balsamiq, CMS (WordPress, Drupal), Google Drive